Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Phone Number Scams

Contacting toll-free numbers are also sources of scams these days. This happens when a caller asks you to call a premium rate number. (This happened particularly in 2008 and is still rampant until now.) The number usually starts at 900 toll number. The caller will tell you that the number is free to call and you will win a fabulous prizes. This is not true. The recorded message is lengthy and will incur tremendous charges on your account. The charges, of course, will go to the pockets of the criminals. And the prize does not exist. You wont win anything at all.

Track the caller by using phone directory online. The site can provide up to date and accurate details about the caller. The verification is confidential as well. Report as necessary to the proper authorities about the incident.

Phone number scams like this still happen. Make sure you are always aware and that you keep your guards up. Keep safe and do not get blinded by promises of goodies that are just too good to be true.

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