Saturday, November 26, 2011

Verifying Phone Numbers of Consultants Offering Services

Today, more and more people are utilizing consultants for their businesses and personal matters. This might be due to the influence of movies about consultants, and the ongoing buzz that consultants really do make your business prosper and makes your self image grow and shine. This has opened doors of opportunities for people who are very good in marketing, promotion, career guidance, and business strategies.

And as positive outcomes came out from this sudden pour of business betterment, again, there will be criminals out there who will also see this opportunity to add money to their pockets for their own selfish motives and desires. These criminals will call you and offer free consultancy. Once you get in the hook, they will slowly or abruptly squeeze money from you. Since they are so good in doing these tactics, before you even know it, they are able to get money from you already.

When you receive calls like these, hang up at once. If it is late to hang up, say NO to the offer and stick to your no. Make sure you do not talk to the person longer lest you might get hooked in the process.

Try to get the phone number of the person who called you and check if somebody has reported this number  to be spammy. Report this incident to the police and the FTC at once. Inform your family and friends as well. Spreading out the word and making others know about it adds to your protection and can even protect others, too. Do not keep this to your self. Remember, there are so many people being victimized by these kinds of scams everyday. Do your share in stopping it by being safe, vigilant, and concerned.

Sometimes, other people who receive such calls begin to doubt themselves and their abilities to keep themselves protected They even feel outwitted and stupid. This should not be the case. You are the victim and not the criminal. You did not do anything to become a victim. You are just randomly chosen to be given the call. Keep your guard up. And even if the criminal was successful to victimize you, stand up again and be stronger. Join in spreading the words about such crimes to the world and be a guardian to others in your own little way.

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