Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Identify Phone Frauds and Scams

There are certain obvious elements that are present in a phone call for you to detect that it is a scam. Here are those things:

1. The company name cannot be located on the net.
2. The caller asks for personal numbers.
3. The promoter asks for upfront processing fees or charges to be paid before your get your prize or products offered to you.
4. You are asked to travel at your own costs and risks to avail the free trips promised to you.
5. The freebies given along with the offer costs more than the actual price of the product or service being offered to you.
6. The caller rattles off and does not allow time for you to ask or clarify.
7. The standardized phone greetings sound so bogus.

When receiving unsolicited calls like these, presence of mind is very important. Never let your guards down. You can do a phone number lookup and know more about the caller via The site provide accurate, current, and confidential details that you can use to report the calls to proper authorities. You can also check the reviews/comments with the caller's phone number.

At this age of spams and scams, being safe and secured is very vital. Keep your self safe. Spread the words as well to help protect others especially those who are most vulnerable to these kinds of crimes like the elderly and the jobless.

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