Saturday, April 28, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Summer Camps

Summer is here and, kids can be really be so excited about joining summer camps. If it is their first time, they can be imagining so many possibilities in joining one. They have huge imagination and expectations on what can go on around and in a summer camp.

Ask around which summer camp you can consider taking your kid and what all activities they would be organizing for kids. If you happen to receive calls offering summer camps, be cautious. There are telemarketers who will call to offer early bird discounts for their newly open summer camp. Beware not to list your kid and pay anything. Do a reverse phone look up first of the phone number that called you, check out the data about the number, ask the telemarketer his name and the company or summer camp he is representing, and what are the plans for summer camp. Do not give out your personal data.

If it is your first time to try summer camp for your kid, it is better if you just list him to trusted camps. If there really are new ones, make sure you do proper research about it, its legality to operate and legal papers. Check with your local government about this camp. A summer camp should not only be fun, more so, it should be safe. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reason Why You Need to Verify a Phone Number

Some people wonder why verifying phone number has now become an essential safety precaution. There is no wonder especially today when so many private citizens are being victimized by phone spams and scams stealing their identity and money. It is a sad fact that millions of dollars are being pocketed by these criminals yearly.

To verify a phone number, do a reverse phone look up of any calls that you received, either unsolicited or from telemarketers. Always keep yourself informed about the telephone scams happening around you. Contact FTC and other concerned agencies on how you can prevent from being spammed and how you can protect yourself from these criminals.

This is the main reason why verifying phone number is very important. With the ongoing crimes around us, it is but wise to equip ourselves with proper information and safety measures. Help yourself by being safe at all times. Equip yourself with enough knowledge on how you can prevent yourself from being victimized by such crimes. Most of all, share information to others so we all can help one another in fighting this crime.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Unsolicited Callers

Until now, maybe you are still getting those unsolicited calls. Calls that keep on bugging you offering you from insurance to pesticides. Calls that will not speak a word when you answer. Calls that ring your phone in the middle of the night. Calls that threatens you.

You may even get calls unlisted above. It can be very frustrating getting these calls day in and day out. You can even get victimized by these calls by robbing you of money or stealing your identity. This can be very alarming and fearful. In any case, being equipped and ready to face unsolicited calls should be one you are to take seriously. You should keep yourself informed on how to face these calls upfront.

When you get calls like these, do a phone number lookup. This way, you will know the owner of the phone number and you will be able to do the necessary steps to confront the owners. Verifying gives you an edge to fighting the crime of scams through phone calls that is happening everyday and still increases in numbers.

FTC can help you fight these calls if you know how to get the necessary information about the caller. You should be strong and brave to fight for your rights and protect yourself.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Civic Groups

Charity is a good thing. It helps us remember that it is our privilege to help others. It can give us the opportunity to be a good Samaritan to many people. Who does not want this kind of opportunity? I believe anyone would rather help than to ask for charity so when one gets a chance for it, it is seldom that one declines.

Before giving out to any charity, it is alright to think twice, not because you do not want to help but because you just want to make sure that you are giving to the right people and organization. There is nothing wrong with that especially today that bad people shamelessly use charitable acts as a means of fooling people of their money. It is but good sense to make sure first before doling out that charity.

If you get calls asking for charities from people who are claiming they represent a civic organization, better verify the number and the organization. Never pay or donate anything to the person calling you. Tell the caller you will just send out your donation to their office. If the caller is a spammer, you will know how he might sound desperate to convince you to give your donations right away or to get your personal numbers. Do not give out anything.

The same is true to any other calls asking you to donate money. This happens a lot also during times of calamities in your area. Keep your self guarded by being informed and having presence of mind whenever you get any unsolicited call. Do not entertain the call. If you answered already, be aware of what is going on in the conversation. Never let your guards down. Immediately reverse lookup the phone number to protect yourself and possible future victims.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Help Group Coaches

Criminals have their ways of knowing about you and your family. That's one scary truth that we should all be aware of and get ready for. One of the telephone call spams going around now is that of a caller pretending he is a self-help coach and that you are referred to him by the community health office. That he is starting a support group in your area that you can freely join and attend.

Wen you get such calls, make sure that you verify the phone number first. Remember that your health profile is confidential, therefore, never believe any alibi this caller gives you. If you really need to find a help group, here are some helpful tips where you can find one:

1. Check your local newspaper calendar.

2. Check out national or international organizations dealing with your specific problem.

3. Check with your doctor or professionals in your area.

The first best thing to do of course, is to identify what kind of group you need. Once you do, you can then start scouting for one. If you are at lost, the best way is to go to the trusted health service provider in your area code. Do not trust any caller.