Saturday, April 28, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Summer Camps

Summer is here and, kids can be really be so excited about joining summer camps. If it is their first time, they can be imagining so many possibilities in joining one. They have huge imagination and expectations on what can go on around and in a summer camp.

Ask around which summer camp you can consider taking your kid and what all activities they would be organizing for kids. If you happen to receive calls offering summer camps, be cautious. There are telemarketers who will call to offer early bird discounts for their newly open summer camp. Beware not to list your kid and pay anything. Do a reverse phone look up first of the phone number that called you, check out the data about the number, ask the telemarketer his name and the company or summer camp he is representing, and what are the plans for summer camp. Do not give out your personal data.

If it is your first time to try summer camp for your kid, it is better if you just list him to trusted camps. If there really are new ones, make sure you do proper research about it, its legality to operate and legal papers. Check with your local government about this camp. A summer camp should not only be fun, more so, it should be safe. 

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