Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Motorcycle Dealers

Are you planning to buy a motorcycle? Motorcycles are rides that are practical and easy to maintain. It is fun to ride as well and with it, you can go to even narrow roads. There is always a type that can best fit your driving skills and your need for it.

Since it is becoming  a more popular ride, there has been an increase in number of motorcycle dealers. Each has his own collection to offer at different costs and terms. Many were able to own the motorcycle of their dreams through the help of a motorcycle dealer. Finding the right dealer can get you an honest to goodness deal.

There are lots of freelance dealers that use telemarketing to find clients. They call homes to offer the motorcycles they sell. Some of them are legit but some are not. Two basic things to remember: any unsolicited call can be treated as spam; drop an unsolicited call.

Now, say that you are already talking to the caller. The wisest thing to do, is to know the identity of the caller using phone directory online. You should also know if the call is a spam or not. You can  tell by the way the caller talks to you. If the promises are too good to be true, you know you might be in a spam. If you are asked for your personal numbers and is asked for down payment for anything, its more obvious to know that the call can lead to spam.

The safest thing to do is to verify the number that called and promptly report ot the police and the FTC. Inform your significant others as well to ensure that you have the support you should there be any problems that will arise from the call.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Sports Team Managers

Do you dream of being a part of  a sports team? Do you love playing basketball s much you have been playing the sport ever since you can remember? Do you play it like a pro and you deserve to be part of a winning team? You can go places with your dreams. There can be opportunities out there for you to be part of  a team.

This dream can be great if you will be guided to the right directions. If you are not sure of the offers made to you, better to research about them. There are unsolicited calls that you might also receive offering you a contract. Do not believe the offer yet until you have truly verified the call, the caller, and the offer. Check out the phone number that called you. If the offer is real, then, its great news for you. However, you have to keep your guards up until you have really ensured the authenticity of the call and the caller via phone number lookup. Do not give out any of your personal information to the caller. Ask about the office of the caller and verify the legality of the caller's business. Surely, if the offer is legit, there is nothing to worry about even if you become very inquisitive. If they really like to get you as their player, they wont mind you investigating about them especially if they have nothing to hide.

It is always good to involve your family and trusted friends in this situation. Again, never give out an personal data. It is good also that when you verify the number and found it suspicious, report it immediately to the police and the FTC. It is crucial to have the proper agencies at your back. Finally, ensure that when you pursue your dreams, do not be blinded by your passion but be tactful and wise in finding the right means to achieve your dreams.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keeping Safe in Online Phone Numbers Information

I have noticed some online friends on social media putting their phone numbers on their profile. I find it very unsafe. Of course, it is. You become an easy prey to telephone spam when you do this. Even if  you intend to be found only by those people you know whom you wish to make contact with again, putting your phone number should not be an action to take. You are only putting yourself at risk.

In joining or signing up to any social media group, surveys, or online contests, make sure you do not put in personal numbers particularly phone numbers. Do not get overwhelmed with the excitement of social media groups, prizes in online contests, freebies in surveys, that you forget about your personal safety. Never let your guards down at any rate.

Other means of careless giving out your phone number is on forums, comment boxes, and group chats.  Again, these are unsafe platforms since it is readable by the public. If you need to give your phone number, do it via a private message. Confirm with the recipient if he got your number and once he did, immediately delete or erase that message. Be safe at all times when you are online.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Music Bands

With the continuous increase in competition for any service or product, any person or office offering their business will do any marketing technique to let people know about their products and services. Freelancers and local business also find it hard to get some good sales. They also opt to do as many marketing methods. This includes telemarketing.

Even music bands can even use this method. Or spammers can use this excuse of offering music band services to cheat private citizens. Music bands can be exciting but do not be over excited to any offer the caller will give you. You have to make sure that the caller and his offer is legit. Do not give out your personal numbers and data to him. Do not pay if he asks for down payment or reservation fees. Be careful in dealing with him. Reverse phone lookup any unsolicited calls.

If you receive unsolicited calls like this one, inform your family and the concerned agencies such as the FTC and the police. You can never be sure of any unsolicited call. It is always better to keep safe. Letting trusted people around you informed of the calls is important for the safety of everybody.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Verify Phone Number of Radio Groups

Despite the continuous increase of the use of modern means of communication like the cellular phone and internet, there is still the group that remains helpful during times when signals from internet providers and cellular phone lines providers fail. These circumstances can be during national calamities like super typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, and others, or when you are stranded in remote places where signals are impossible.

During these times, a radio can help a lot in communication. That is why it is also used by the police and rescue groups as well as other volunteer groups. Being a part of it can be fulfilling especially if you are the type that is active and interested in helping people during uncertain times.

Now, these groups can call you and offer membership to their groups. They can also offer you the equipment and paraphernalia you need for your radio needs. What you can do when you receive the call is to reverse lookup the phone number that called you. If you can drop the call from the start especially if its unsolicited, do it. If you have answered it already, make sure you verify the phone number. Never commit to anything with the caller. Do not give your personal data. Be safe.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What You Need To Know About Telephone Frauds

Today, business world and even the private citizen's world are not uncommon to come across frauds. No matter how one tries to protect oneself and their business, one can be a possible victim to fraudsters who seem to almost always plan one step ahead. It can be frustrating and scary but you need to be ready at all times to deal with these frauds.

There are fraudulent service agencies that can help you. Regarding telephone scams, the FTC has strategies to help the victim investigate the fraudulent activity, Better, it has means of helping you get protected by providing useful information and support when you get caught in the fraud. However, the agency is more concerned on how to disseminate information to more people so that they are aware of what's going on concerning telephone fraud.

Telephone fraud is a fact. It is not  a tell-tale story to frighten or scare people. It does happen and these criminals steal more than millions of dollars each year from their victims. Many identities are stolen as well. It is how wide and rampant it is. Most victims do not report what happened to them for the fear of being ridiculed of being outsmarted.

It is crucial that you tell your trusted family members and friends about it when you receive fraudulent calls. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you are the victim. It is not your fault. You did not invite these fraudsters to come near you.

Do what you need to do.

1. Register your phone at the Do Not Call Registry.
2. Drop unsolicited calls and telemarketing calls.
3. Never give your personal data to anyone.
4. Always keep your guards up.
5. Help spreading helpful information about fraudulent calls.
6. Always verify callers' identity and the phone numbers they are using when calling you via reverse phone lookup.
7. As much as possible, do transactions with trusted and reliable offices and representatives.
8. Share your experiences to trusted family members and friends. Think of them as people who can help you.
9. Report to the police and the FTC any malicious calls.
10. Trust your instinct at all times. Never let your guards down. Of all people, you yourself can help "you" the best.

You can prevent yourself from being victimized by fraudulent calls. You just have to equip yourself and stay at the safe zone at all times. Keep up with the latest news and the latest reports. Know what to do best during these situations and believe that you have the power to protect yourself and your family against these criminals when you do the right things.