Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Motorcycle Dealers

Are you planning to buy a motorcycle? Motorcycles are rides that are practical and easy to maintain. It is fun to ride as well and with it, you can go to even narrow roads. There is always a type that can best fit your driving skills and your need for it.

Since it is becoming  a more popular ride, there has been an increase in number of motorcycle dealers. Each has his own collection to offer at different costs and terms. Many were able to own the motorcycle of their dreams through the help of a motorcycle dealer. Finding the right dealer can get you an honest to goodness deal.

There are lots of freelance dealers that use telemarketing to find clients. They call homes to offer the motorcycles they sell. Some of them are legit but some are not. Two basic things to remember: any unsolicited call can be treated as spam; drop an unsolicited call.

Now, say that you are already talking to the caller. The wisest thing to do, is to know the identity of the caller using phone directory online. You should also know if the call is a spam or not. You can  tell by the way the caller talks to you. If the promises are too good to be true, you know you might be in a spam. If you are asked for your personal numbers and is asked for down payment for anything, its more obvious to know that the call can lead to spam.

The safest thing to do is to verify the number that called and promptly report ot the police and the FTC. Inform your significant others as well to ensure that you have the support you should there be any problems that will arise from the call.

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