Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keeping Safe in Online Phone Numbers Information

I have noticed some online friends on social media putting their phone numbers on their profile. I find it very unsafe. Of course, it is. You become an easy prey to telephone spam when you do this. Even if  you intend to be found only by those people you know whom you wish to make contact with again, putting your phone number should not be an action to take. You are only putting yourself at risk.

In joining or signing up to any social media group, surveys, or online contests, make sure you do not put in personal numbers particularly phone numbers. Do not get overwhelmed with the excitement of social media groups, prizes in online contests, freebies in surveys, that you forget about your personal safety. Never let your guards down at any rate.

Other means of careless giving out your phone number is on forums, comment boxes, and group chats.  Again, these are unsafe platforms since it is readable by the public. If you need to give your phone number, do it via a private message. Confirm with the recipient if he got your number and once he did, immediately delete or erase that message. Be safe at all times when you are online.

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