Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Robo Calls

Robocalls are now widely used. There are companies using this feature to promote and/or inform clients. Robo calls has been proved helpful when utilized properly. However, there are robocalls that are intended to harm than help.

Incidents happen when robocalls become sources of scams and fraud. Identity theft is rampant and acquiring personal numbers have become easy by using robocalls. Once a robocall is received, a voice recording will ask you to enter your credit card number or personal number like Social Security or PIN number which is automatically detected by the system. This will result to identity theft and amounts credited to your credit cards.

FTC has been doing massive information dissemination about this matter. This robocall scam has victimized so many private citizens already and tons of dollars to boot. It will help to read more information about this scam to help you get equipped and ready not to be victimized. Awareness of such events is a big help to stop this crime.

VerifyPhone.com is helping to create awareness  about different phone scams going around today, especially in the U.S. and U.K, to more people by sharing blogs and articles. Although the scams are happening worldwide, with incidents unreported especially in developing countries, blogs like these are being written to help, one way or another to inform people.

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