Friday, December 2, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of SMS Scammers

Almost every day, I always get text messages that say I have won in a lottery or a sweepstakes or a phone company’s promo draws. The text message will say that you have won millions and to claim your prize, you have to call a lawyer or the government agency’s office in charge of sweepstakes and contests like this one. Once you called the lawyer or the office, they will ask for money from you to pay processing fees or small charges they say you need pay to be able to claim your prize. The sad part is that there are people who believe these text messages. They really do call the office and once they do, they get victimized by the scammers and they lose their money to them.

When you receive text messages like these ones, think: how can you win something you never really joined in the first place? Electronic draws from telephone companies would probably use numbers that have 4 digits only and they would surely call you and not text you when you won one of their promos. But these text messages come from cellular phone numbers that look like just the regular cell phone numbers. Do not readily believe the text messages. Investigate and be smart.

Use to verify the number that texted you. The phone lookup reverse can help you get the necessary and important details about the number which you can use to report the incident to concerned agencies such as  police. It is very important to report such text messages and calls to help you from getting victimized and to inform these agencies those scammers are active in doing these scam activities so that the agencies will be ready to prepare actions to prevent these criminals. This also helps other people be informed and aware of such crimes and be able to prepared themselves and be protected.

Sometimes, to become vigilant in spreading words about crime activities like these help a lot. Informing others prevent these crimes from happening and victimizing people. Let us all do our share in spreading the word and keeping ourselves informed on how to be protected.

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