Monday, December 12, 2011

Legal Advisers Scam

The increasing numbers of scams and spams are disturbing. The criminals really have their minds working and are consistently honing their skills to cheat people and get their hard-earned money. It is a must that private citizens and agencies concerned in fighting these scams and spams do their homework and continuously do their creative plans to fight and stop these criminals. While the criminals are busy cooking up new plots and schemes to squeeze out money from private citizens, guardians of anti-spam and anti-scam should do the same as well, and even more.

A new recipe of these criminals is the use of legal advisers. What's funny (if it is), is that they are the ones who will call you and threat you with crimes they said you committed like unpaid credit card bills or phone bills. Of course, they are just bluffing. But when they hit a victim who does have an unsettled account, that is when the threat starts that the victim should pay for the balance plus the incurred charges or he/she will get imprisoned. Now, this is one shot hitting two birds.

The second shot is this. You get another call. This time from a person who claims to provide legal help and advice. Isn't it a coincidence? But because your mind is already hitting bottom because of the threats you get from the phone calls, you find it hard to think clearly. So you get the legal services and pay for it, too, for nothing. And at the end, you pay the balance and the charges as well.

Very criminally-minded, right? The sad part is that people fall for these scams. And year after year, millions of dollars are being put into these money laundering scams. And even though words are being spread out to create awareness, still, more people are being victimized.

If you happen to get a call like this, remember to keep your guards up. Do not easily get swayed by the threats and smooth tongues of these criminals. Open the situation to your family and friends because they are the ones you can trust the most at this time. Get the phone number of the person calling you  and find out about the whereabouts of the caller.

Keep the fight against these criminals by reporting such phone numbers and incidents. Be safe and keep yourself aware of ongoing incidents of this kind. Share the story to others to help more people be informed of what is best to do when they are faced with such conditions. Always remember that you do not have anything to be ashamed of if you get victimized and that you have an important role to play to stop and prevent these crimes from happening all over again.

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