Thursday, December 8, 2011

What to do in Case of Identity Theft

Since there are many unsolicited calls happening everyday, risk is too great that you might have had given your personal number to one of them. In such case, worrying and fretting about it won't do you no good anymore. You need to have a back up plan when such circumstance happened to you.

Here is what you need to do in case you think or if your identity have been stolen:

1. Log all the phone conversations you have had with the criminal including date, time, phone number, and all details about the call. To verify the phone number of the caller, do a phone lookup reverse to identify the caller's identity and where abouts.

2. Contact your bank immediately and report the incident.Close accounts that you think numbers have been stolen.

3. File a police report.

4. File a report to FTC. FTC will also guide and help you on what steps to do next.

5. Contact the fraud departments of major credit bureaus. Provide affidavits and requests to them to inform credit agencies to contact you before opening new credit accounts to your name, or in making any changes r adjustments to your existing credit accounts.

6. Inform your state attorney general of the fraud and scam.

7. Get new identity documents.

8. Never communicate with the scammers. They are criminals and they are definitely not safe to deal or talk with.

9. Keep yourself posted about new scams and frauds going on so you can always stay alert and aware of possible recurrence of identity theft and scams coming your way.

Through all these, remember that being safe and alert can help you in this situation. Help by spreading the words as well.

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