Monday, December 26, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of Disaster Coordinating Groups

Even disasters and tragedies can be used for cheating people and getting their money. Yes, criminals can really be inconsiderate that even these hurtful moments can be taken advantage of and used for personal motives. They will disguise themselves to be concerned citizens who wants to help and give aid to the poor victims, to coordinate rescue and assist groups, but in truth, will just use these objectives to have personal gains.

While it is true that we all want to help, one way or another during these circumstances, we also have to be mindful of where and how to give donations, volunteer our services, and do our part in helping. There will be people calling you asking you for donations, bear in mind that it is alright to ask information about the group/agency of the caller represents and make necessary research before giving any donations or volunteering yourself. This is not being greedy, instead, just making sure that the help you give goes to the right persons and reaches the appropriate victims.

To verify the phone numbers of these callers, check out You can verify the owner of the number calling you, research on his or her background and the background of the agency or group he or she represents. It is always better to be safe than sorry. What is important is that when you help, your help reaches those who really needs it, and not those who just wants to take advantage of the situation.

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