Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TV Game Show Contestant Spam (Cash Theft)

With TV game shows fast gaining popularity, people are so interested to be able to join one. If you see the long lines of people going to auditions to be able to join the game shows, you can conclude that lots of people are grabbing any chance they can to earn money.

This is what criminals also think. And because the somehow desperation is there, the scammers know exactly how to get the victims into the hook. The caller will call you to tell you that you can join the contest and that you just need to pay a small fee for registration as a contestant. And because you know that falling in the auditions line gives you a small chance to be able to join, paying a small fee would be worth it if you are able to join the game and win huge amounts of prizes so you just readily pay it via your credit card.

If you get this kind of call, think a lot. The TV game shows tell the audience how they can join, stick to what the show is telling and do not believe callers who claim that they work for that TV game show. Keep your guards up. Verify the phone number via verifyphone.com and get the details you need about the caller. Report it to FTC and the police. Be vigilant and do not get caught off-guard.

Share this story to others as well to make more people informed that such crimes happen. Be informed and protected. Joining TV game shows can be good vehicle to earning money, but you need to be careful and smart when you decide to take part in one.

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