Sunday, December 4, 2011

TV Game Show Contestant Spam (Identity Theft)

TV game shows are very popular not only because of the fun of watching and joining it but because of the big prizes involved in it. TV game shows offer huge amount of money to be won and many wonderful trip packages, business starter kits, and many others that promise better financial help to people. Since a lot are striving now a days because of economic depression and recent recession, everybody would love to grab the opportunity of being able to join and win in a game show.

There are two ways of becoming a contestant. One is being there at the TV studio and being the main contestant. The other is the ones called home partners; those who can join the contest at the comforts of their homes. Whichever contestant you become promises cash prizes or great in kind prizes like high tech gadgets or home appliances. Both are very exciting to win.

Becoming a TV game show contestant is no doubt very wonderful. However, there are scammers who use these contests to victimize people. Although the TV show inform audience how to audition or join the contests, there are still people who gets easily swayed when somebody calls them claiming that the call was from the TV game show. The caller will tell you that you are chosen to be a contestant for the game show. You might think how they chose you but the caller will tell you that your phone number was chosen via electronic raffle. You are somehow convinced. The caller will then ask you for personal numbers to confirm your identity. This now is the time when your identity is being stolen. This poses danger to your identity. Before giving away any personal number, think a lot and do not get swayed by the caller. Drop the call altogether or tell the caller that you first need to confirm about this call. The caller might just drop the call or be persistent. If he is persistent, be more doubtful about it and stick to confirming the call.

Get the phone number that called you and check any alarming reviews against the phone number. Immediately report to proper agencies and inform your family and friends as well. Share the story to a lot of people as you can to warn them that such crimes are happening. Be safe and keep your guards up.

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