Friday, December 30, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of Disaster Volunteer Groups

Human trafficking modus operandi also entails people who loves to volunteer during disasters. It was a bit shocking to learn this but it was true. The human traffickers will call people and ask them to volunteer whenever there is a disaster going around. Since there are people who does not have enough funds to donate, they just volunteer their presence, skills, and time to help the victims.

But what happens is when you volunteer yourself, the caller will instruct you where to go, take you and before you know it, you are being a victim of human trafficking. Be very, very careful. Volunteer only to trusted groups or with groups that you personally know, like when your church or your organization is organizing volunteer works. Do not just volunteer yourself to strangers and be sorry at the end. If you receive calls offering you to become a volunteer, investigate first about the caller and the organization he or she represents before counting yourself in. Just type in the search box the number that called you to access the information about the number. In case you found that this call is really a scam, better inform the police as soon as possible and also share your comments at reviews directory. Being vigilant will not only help you, but who knows who else you might be helping.

Helping others should be considered a serious matter, which you need to look into details and research well, else you might end up being the victim. Be safe in dealing with all calls that you receive especially if the calls are unsolicited and are from strangers. Keep your guards up.

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