Monday, March 5, 2012

Verifying Phone Numbers of State Regulators in Keeping Exotic Animals as Pets

Different states might have different rules and regulations in keeping exotic animals as pets. Some states may not even have specific regulations about it. The best way to know and understand about this is to contact your local government for guidance. If you are someone who is so interested with exotic animals and would like to keep one at home, you should be aware of the laws regarding keeping them so that you wont get to any trouble in the future.

However, if you get identified as somebody who is keeping an exotic animal at your place, and you have not equipped yourself with the proper and sufficient information, you might be a good target to blackmailing and threats by phone call from criminals and the like. They will call and threaten you, that for keeping an exotic animal, you might pay penalties and go to jail. They will be asking for your personal numbers for verification purposes. They will do anything to squeeze information from you which they can use to steal your identity. Their purpose is to use your numbers in making purchases and applying for a loan. Things that you will only realize when you learned that your credit cards have been used for purchases you know nothing about. You will be surprised when loaning agencies begin to contact you to pay for amortizations and penalties. Then, you will suddenly might remember this phone call.

To keep yourself safe about these matters, it will be wise to know laws beforehand. And when you receive such calls, verify the phone number that called you via phone number lookup. Get owner details and crowd-sourced reviews about the phone number. You should also know that this kind of matters are handled by concerned agencies in formal means. This could be through a physical mail inviting you to their office to discuss your situation, and case if there is one. The agency wont do necessary investigations of these matters via phone calls only. If ever they will call you, it would probably just to invite you to come to their office to clarify matters.

Be safe and share your story to others that more people get informed about spamming activities.

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