Saturday, March 3, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Car Maintenance Shops

If you get so busy and your car conked out, and you don't have a regular mechanic fixing it for you, what do you usually do? Isn't it you just call a mechanic to fix your car while you are at the office? Or you just leave it at any shop along the way? Because you do not have time to see it gets fixed personally, you just opt to leave the matter to a mechanic and hope that everything will work out well.

This situation is also being masterminded by professional criminal callers. They offer mechanic services to your convenience and offer the service at irresistible terms. Watch out! These are merely bogus offers. They will just try to steal your identity when you are asked of your personal numbers or steal some money from you when you are asked to pay for fees when in fact, you have not used any of their services yet.

In such case, try to get the phone number that called you and find the details like name and address of the owner phone number. Inform your family and friends about the incident and involve them because their support can help you a lot in dealing with this scam. This will also serve as a warning to others that such scam is happening so that more people gets very careful in dealing with unsolicited calls like this.

Millions have already been victimized by the many scams and spam going around the internet and phone calls today. Be aware and keep yourself updated. Research and learn how to deal effectively with such calls. Be careful and vigilant. Spread the word to give your share in trying to put a stop to all these bogus offers made via phone calls.

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