Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Vacation Hotels

For tourists and vacationists, one important and essential issue is having a convenient place to stay in. Hotels top the options. Hotels should be comfortable, accessible to many other tourist spots, not so pricey especially for those on budget, offers basic services that a vacationist needs at value prices, good and palatable food, and great service.

Any vacationist has these features in mind. And whichever hotel can give that to them would be the top choice. Since hotels know the stiff competition especially at peak seasons, they often create hotel treats and packages that can allure customers. They also do massive marketing of their promotions. One is telemarketing. If you got a call, first do number lookup to verify the phone number and offers from the hotels before making reservations, and worse, paying the caller. Do not give out any personal number to the caller. Although you find making early reservations wise, it is wise only if you are sure that you are dealing and talking with the legitimate hotel reservation officers and not just any telemarketer who called you from no where and out of the blue.

Keep your guards up with any unsolicited calls you might get. Make sure you protect yourself from travel scam by being alert and having presence of mind. Keep yourself safe at all times.

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