Sunday, March 11, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Pet Goodies Suppliers

Since pet goods are somewhat expensive, buying from direct suppliers might save you lots of cash when you shop from them. For those who are in a tight budget, the promotions and offers given by direct suppliers of pet clothes, accessories, and others can really be inviting and tempting. Imagine being able to shop without putting your budget to the edge. Also, some have the connotation that buying from direct sellers means that they have access to the newest and latest goodies they have for sale. This can be true if the suppliers and dealers are really who they claim they are. The problem is what if they are not?

Because dressing and grooming of pets have become a fad, criminals have added to their strategies the excuse of pretending to be pet good suppliers. They offer the best deals and packages of pet goodies in very affordable prices. Of course, since they are very good in tricking unsuspecting citizens, they are able to cheat them of money by asking them to pay for the goodies via their credit cards or wire transfer so that the goodies will be "delivered" to their doors in no time at all, free of shipping. The poor victims pay excitedly and later realize they paid for something that do not exist at all.

Remember that purchasing from telemarketers, especially if the call is unsolicited and you do not know and trust the telemarketer calling you, never purchase anything, never give out your credit card number, and never give any personal numbers at all. Be safe and guard yourself against spams and identity theft. Do not entertain the call. If you happen to have had answered it already, have presence of mind while talking to the caller. Get the number that called you. Verify the caller's identity and get pertinent data about the number's owner.

Help yourself by being vigilant with these types of phone call spams. Be brave and courageous to fight them. There are agencies willing to help and support you. Do your part by keeping yourself informed, protected, and updated. Give your share as well by telling the story to others and informing them of such spams.


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