Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Insurance Agents

It is common for insurance agents to visit you and give you a call. What is not usual is when someone calls you to say that he is the new insurance agent assigned to you. But I do not really understand why people buy this. I think it is because these people are professional criminals who have smooth tongue and strong convincing powers. They are able to persuade people to believe what they are saying, without any real effort on their part at all.

That may sound scary. But it does happen. And it has victimized too many private citizens already. It has pocketed millions of dollars from these people as well. Here is a guiding principle: when an insurance agent resigned from the insurance company or that he is in a state when he is not connected to the company anymore, the company will surely inform you via a formal notice that your agent is not connected with them anymore. You will also be informed about the new agent assigned to your account.

But what you need to do when you still receive such calls is to get the phone number of the caller and do  number lookup to verify the details about the caller. Do not give out any personal number or pay anything through that caller.

Make it a habit to update yourself with the things going on at your respective insurance company, your bank, and your investment institution. This can help you guard your money and investments better. Always be safe.

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