Saturday, March 17, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Fund Managers

There are financial advisers, insurance agents, and fund managers. Financial advisers are usually working for insurance companies handling investment accounts. Insurance agents usually handles insurance accounts. Although both can handle the same accounts, the positions are more into the said meanings.

A fund manager is one who works independently, like a stock broker, or with a company, usually a fund management institution. This company deals with mutual funds, trust funds, bond funds, and others related to these funds. They are professionals who are very keen in managing funds and knowing the ups and downs of the market. In short, when it comes to managing your funds well, they are the ones to go to.

But in case you get unsolicited calls from a person claiming that he is a fund manager, be very careful to deal with him. Better yet, do not make any deal with him. For sure, this person is just trying to cheat you and get money from you. Do not be fooled.

What you need to do is to get the number that called you and verify that phone number via owner's name, address and reviews/comments. You should be very vigilant during these moments. Do not keep the matter to yourself. Seek your family and friend's help and support. Get the data and report it promptly to the police and the FTC.

These criminals can be stopped if we all help one another in spreading the words about what they are doing. Keep our guards up and be safe. Do not make hasty decisions and don't let yourself be fooled. Remember that you worked hard your money so you better protect it the best you could.

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