Sunday, September 2, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Disaster Coordinating Offices

During natural calamities, there are people who will seek help from you, for volunteer works and donations. It is a sad fact that despite the bad situations like these, there are some who will still take advantage of it and victimize private citizens who are willing to help and support the victims of the calamity.

If you receive calls asking for donations and even asking you to volunteer, do not readily give away your money and your identity. Check the identity of the caller first by doing reverse lookup of the phone number that is calling you. Be careful in dealing with these criminals. Do not readily give out any money or your personal numbers or volunteer yourself. If you want to volunteer, personally go to the legitimate volunteering centers of reputable organizations.

Verifying first does not mean you are being unhelpful. Surely, the groups who are the legitimate ones doing disaster coordinating will not mind if you verify first. After all, these people will also have your best interest in mind.

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