Thursday, August 30, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Show Ticket Buyers

Organizing a local show or event can be tasking. If you are the one in charge of sales, you should be careful in dealing with your sales force. When the word about the show is around town already and there are "interested" parties who wants to be part of the seller's team to earn some commission, make sure you are dealing with trusted individuals. Some people may call you and use other people's names to get your attention. Trust your instinct in these circumstances.

Verify the number that called you in phone directory online. Never give out any personal number via phone. Involve them in the marketing activities if they are really interested. If they call you to purchase ticket over the phone, inform them that you will be glad to meet them to give their tickets. Never give your bank account number when they say they will just deposit the payment. Criminals can use so many excuses and reasons just to steal from you. Keep yourself safe at all times.

Make sure you have a safe and effective sales plan. Include your team not only for effective promotions and increased sales but in making plans on how to keep your sales safe from thief and frauds. Document every sale so that each one is safe as well.

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