Sunday, August 12, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Surprise Callers

People whom you have not talked to for a long time can surprise you with phone calls. This can give you feelings of happiness and excitement. It is great news to have contact with them again. Be careful, though, with these kinds of calls. The period you have not seen each other might have changed situations and people. Make sure that you are in a deeply trust-rooted relationship with these persons when they begin asking favors from you.

First, when they call you, it is always a safety precaution to verify the phone number that called you. You should make sure you know the person, not only his voice but the things that can assure you that you really are talking with the friend or relative you know. If you are having some doubts, verify the caller's identity first. Professionals are able to mimic voices so you should be very inquisitive and alert.

Calls can be a source of theft. Be aware of this fact and remember it every time you receive a surprise call, a prank call, or an unsolicited call. Do not let yourself get victimized. Report appropriately and immediately to the proper authorities. Keep yourself safe at all times.

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