Monday, August 27, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Local Talent Agencies

As you know, local talents may also have their own agents or handlers. They are usually club managers or those from the local radio station. Some have no managers and they handle their own schedules and get their own gigs. Any which way, some of them promote the talents via telemarketing. This is a good way to inform possible clients about their roster of talents and their offerings.

It will be good for you to know that such exist near your area. You can check them out as you need them or for future references. However, keep in mind that not all telemarketers only wanted to promote to you their products and services. You should be very careful in taking these calls. There are two things you should remember never to give to a telemarketer:

1. Your personal numbers
2. Making a purchase directly to him/her by giving your credit card number.

If you are interested in the things being offered to you, inquire where you can purchase it and inform him/her that you will just do the purchase yourself. Most telemarketers know their craft so well that they can persuade you to jump right in and buy. Keep safe by verifying the phone number they are using to call you using reverse lookup. The golden rule is always never to give out any personal data no matter what they tell you.

Report suspecting calls promptly to FTC and the police and always involve your family. Keep your guards up at all times lest you become one of the million victims. Help yourself by being informed and safe.

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