Saturday, August 18, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Congregations

Congregations in your area help in maintaining good camaraderie among neighbors and bring goodwill to everyone. They help the less fortunate in the area in terms of shelter, food, education, and others. They are always willing to lend help to those who need support in the community.

Once in a while, they will knock on your door or send you a letter asking for financial help for their operation expenses or for a specific program they might have. Because you are generous and kind-heart, you will help. It is just right and proper to do so anyway.

However, there are criminals out there who will use the name of the congregation for their personal and   vested interests. They will call you and ask for donations. Be careful not to give out your personal number. Inform the caller that you will send your donation straight to their office. If the caller becomes too persuasive, suspect the call to be a spam. Either way, make sure you verify the caller's identity via number lookup.

It is not wrong to ensure the validity of the call. For sure, it is really from the congregation, they will not mind at all if you will verify the number. After all, if they are honest about their identity, what is it to fear on their side. On your part though, you wold rather give your money on the right hands than waste it on the hands of criminals.

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