Monday, August 6, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Support Groups Asking for Donations

Various support groups for different medical, psychological, environmental, and other advocacy are increasing in number these days. This is good because the victims and their families need lots of the support and help they can get. During testing times like these, concerned people willing to give their services, financial support, and prayers are the best gifts they can receive.

However, despite the many good people with pure intentions, it is a sad fact that there are bad people who uses this charity to fool those willing to help. They call and ask for donations for a bogus support group or organization. Pity that many get victimized. Should you receive a call like this one, make sure that you verify the phone number that called you. Do a phone reverse lookup to make sure that the person calling really represents the organization. Do not give any donation to this caller. Tell the caller that you will give the donation directly to their office. You will feel whether he is spamming you when he sounds like he is starting to really convince you so hard to give the donation money right away. Be aware of the caller's voice, reactions, and tone.

Being alert at all times is good especially when you are receiving unsolicited calls. It is always nice to help but make sure you it properly and to the right people.

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