Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Double Check Your Caller By Verifying Phone Numbers

Some people are so trusting in any situations. There is definitely nothing wrong with that. Some even think that when they are cheated, it is the cheater who will have to bear the load of his crime. It is very true, too. However, keeping ourselves safe at all times should not affect on how we trust other people. Not because you are not trusting others, especially strangers, already means you are not a good person. You should know how to feel persons and situations.

There are times when we make mistakes on our judgments. The best thing we can do about it is to make sure that we check first and foremost of the situation and the person. In cases of unsolicited phone calls, double check the phone number and the caller. Verify the number and do not just accept whatever the call is telling you. If the caller claims he is someone you know, double check the identity of the caller. If he is telling the truth, then, good. If not, at least, you are safe.

We should be careful in all our dealings, be it personal, via online, via mails, or via phone calls. The crimes committed through the modern technology has become rampant and is continuously increasing. The best thing we can do is to keep our guards up and double check on things. Involving our family and friends is also crucial. We do not know where these crimes might take us. It should be safer and better if our family knows the situation.

Reporting promptly to the police and the proper concerned authorities, in the case of phone scams, the FTC, can help us in more ways than we can think of. Lets get ourselves informed and involved in these situations. This can help us fight the crime better when we are equipped with enough information.

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  1. FYI re: caller ID spoofing

    The following phone number could potentially come from any pay phone in the United States owned by Pacific Telemanagement Services: (702) 992-9550. Why did this company program their phones to spoof this number on the caller ID? That is an excellent question!!! Pleas post any information you have regarding this company and their practice of spoofing the caller ID on all of their pay phones. Mark Plosila