Thursday, October 25, 2012

To Verify Phone Number Is To Give The Benefit Of The Doubt

Giving the benefit of the doubt in a situation where you are having doubts is helpful for you to arrive at the best decision. Whenever we are faced with a doubtful question or situation, our first recourse is to check whether our doubts have any basis or not. Most of the time, we check or investigate first before we give an answer or take an action. It is like a defense mechanism on our part or a way by which we try to protect ourselves from possible danger.

It should be the same way whenever we receive unsolicited phone calls. Giving the caller the benefit of the doubt should be our first barrier in answering the call. While its true that telemarketers have their way of persuading customers into buying what they offer, and the criminals have their way of getting you into the trap, keeping the doubt in your mind might save you from paying for hings you might not even receive or losing your identity. When the cloud of doubt is there, listen to your intuition and act upon it accordingly.

The first thing you can do is to reverse lookup the phone number calling you. As what you will do when you are demonstrating benefit of the doubt in person, you keep on asking questions, right? Sometimes, you just keep quiet and ignore the person or the situation. Other times, you walk away. Do these very same things to the person who have paid you that unsolicited call. You can drop the call, ignore the caller, or ask as many questions as you can until the caller is caught off-guard.

For situations like this, even old tactics such as giving the benefit of the doubt do work. Situations that might really affect you badly like being identity theft or your money being stolen should belong on your doubt shelf. Its one that should be there to protect yourself and to keep yourself safe.

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