Monday, October 22, 2012

Scholarship Grants

My brother wanted to apply for a scholarship grant abroad. He wanted to pursue his Master of Science in Economics. He searched from the internet and asked his friends for a possible scholarship grant or assistantship. The application for a scholarship grant offerings are mainly for schools in the United Kingdom. Well it is not that easy. The requirements he has to produce ranges from simple Transcript of Records to passing in a language qualifying exam.

It took him almost a year to receive a reply from the many scholarship providers he applied.  They required him to immediately reply if he is interested for the grant. A decision should be made immediately but carefully as well. He has to verify if the scholarship grant is really true. A right decision should be made because accepting the grant will entail another expense for getting a passport and for the processing of visa. Good thing there is a way to check if the grant provider is genuine.  Good thing the reply letter of the scholarship provider has their office phone number. My excited brother consulted to prove if the phone number is true. 

Verifying phone numbers is a great way of protecting yourself from fraud and spam. Using it to keep safe is a wise advice and thing to do. I have used phone verification in many ways and found my self safer doing so. I was not victimized by any spammer when I checked on the phone numbers that called me. I also look for latest information on how to protect myself and my family from telephone scams. 

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