Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Health Services Offers

Health workers, besides their regular jobs, also accepts private duty services. They either work for another service agency or work as a freelancer or an independent contractor. Of course, they have to market their services. They do online and offline promotions. One way they promote their services is via telephone calls especially to nearby areas.

To ensure that you do not get cheated by phone calls coming from "health workers", verify the phone number that called you. It is not because the call came from a professional would mean that it might not be a cause for telephone scam. An unsolicited phone call should always be subject to verification. It is a safety measure that to check out the phone numbers calling you, especially unsolicited ones.

As with any other people or offices offering services via phone calls, health services offerings can also be used to spam private citizens. Therefore, it is also crucial to do phone number lookup and verify the identity of the person making the call. Be secure by not giving out any personal information or making any payments at all. Crucial also is that you inform your family of the incident.

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