Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ways to verify a phone number

If you want to trace a prank caller, here are the steps by using his phone number:

1. Go to Google. Enter the phone number in the search box. Google will find it for you if the person has posted the phone number anywhere on the web.
2. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace to look for information on any number. Some people post their name and cellphone number on these sites.

3. Here is the most reliable way of finding information regarding any phone number, be it a cellular phone, land line, listed, unlisted, fax or business number - -  a reliable phone search directory. This directory contains almost all phone number data in the nation. The information is most reliable and latest. By typing in the phone number into the search box of the website, you can easily find out the phone number's owner, address and even their background history. You can also check out if somebody else has given any review or comment about the phone number you are looking for. For example you can find out the Phone Number Reviews in area code 551 221 for city Bayonne, New Jersey here. You just need to type their number and find out all you need to know.

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