Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keeping your child safe from phone scams

For a parent, keeping his child safe is of utmost priority. Whether at school or with friends, a parent is concerned if his child is safe or not. With the help of innovative technology, knowing a child's whereabouts is easier. Having a phone is basically a safety precaution by parents to help them know where the child is. To be able to ensure that the phone is used as intended, here are some tips to ensure your child's safety with the use of the phone.

1. Choose an appropriate phone that the child can use. Carefully pick a phone that provides what the child needs at his age and what you think he needs at his age. If you do not want him to have access on the internet due to safety reasons also, get a phone that does not have this feature. Basically, the phone is intended for emergency calls so a phone with the basic feature of calling and text messaging will do.

2. Get the phone insured. A child can be clumsy at his age so insuring the phone might prove very helpful.

3. Make clear rules on the use of the phone and stick to it. Communicate with your child what the phone is for, that it is for both of you to have constant communication wherever each of you maybe. Tell the child your expectations on how he is to use the phone. Ask for his expectations as well and meet halfway, emphasizing and making clear what the purpose of the phone is for in the first place. Give clear instructions also on how to take care of the phone and what are the possible consequences when the phone gets broken.

Open communication is very important to ensure keeping in touch with your child is ensured at all times. and After all this also if you find any unknown phone number on you phone, check out the details about the same here for area code 229 215 and many more.

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