Friday, August 5, 2011

Boarding House/Dormitory Scams

Getting your kids to college does not stop when you enroll them and get them a place to stay while they are in the university. If your kid is staying at a boarding house or a dormitory, meeting people from all walks of life is part of the deal. This however can mean that you will also be vulnerable to dangers, tricks and deceit. This is true not only to the students but to their parents as well.

One scam has been happening now related to being a resident in a dormitory. One parent received a called from a scammer who introduced herself as a dorm mate of her daughter and told her that her daughter is in big trouble. She said they needed money to help her get out of trouble as soon as possible. She said that the girl has troubles with a sorority. The mother said that she will go to the university as fast as she can. The caller insisted that she might be late and that she needed to send the money immediately. The panicking mother did as she was told and sent the money only to find out later that her daughter is perfectly okay and is not in any kind of trouble.

There have been quite a number of incidents like this. If you happen to get this call, keep your guards up. Be alert. Do not act out of panic. Get the phone number of the caller and check if it belongs to dormitory's number. Even better call back and try to talk to your child.  Inform other parents and your child's dorm mates. Check on your child regularly and have a secret code between you that you can use in cases like these. It pays to be prepared to any unexpected circumstance.

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