Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Immigration Frauds

So many people are wanting to migrate to a developed country. Many will do anything just to get the visa to enter a western country they wish to enter to work.Those who think that getting in is easier when they let agents or travel agencies do the jobs for them end up frustrated when they spent tons of money and yet, they still have not gotten any results for it. Problem is, lots of people are still diving into these easy-visa schemes.

One modus operandi is telemarketers calling people and offering visa processing services and making the offers sound so promising and easy. It is so persuading anyone can juts get into the boat. Thus, many people are paying huge amount of money just to get the visa they long wanted to have.

If you get phone calls offering such kind of service, watch out. Keep your guards up and do not just get swayed by the sweet tongue of the telemarketers talking to you. Get the phone number of the caller and make sure you get all the pertinent details you need and more importantly, make sure you report this incident to the proper authorities such as the FTC and the police. Also report the phone number at verify phone for others to be alert about this scam. These kinds of crimes should be stopped immediately. Make a very wise decision to act vigilantly against such crimes. Spread the word and be safe always.

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