Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Department of Treasury Phone Frauds

Phone scams are getting worse and lots of schemes have been continuously invented by scammers. Sadly, more people are also getting victimized. Keeping people informed of the many different kinds of scams is one way to somehow lessen the incidents of these crimes.

Scammers can use so many various reasons just to juice out money from poor victims. One reason is by calling the victim and introducing themselves as a representative from the Department of Treasury saying that the person is entitled to a huge tax rebate. The caller will tell the victim that to be able to get the money, he should first give his account number on which the Department can deposit his money. This is a danger to the identity of the victim and you should get alarmed immediately.

If you receive this call, hang up. Or if you got caught by the call, do not let your identity be caught as well. Do not give out your account information. Get the phone number of the caller instead and verify the phone number and check any scam reports on this number by others. Report the incident and share to many people via your social networks, emails, text messages, and other means of disseminating the information. This is only one way of helping others get warned and so we all can be cautious with these kinds of phone scams.

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