Monday, August 22, 2011

Employment Frauds

Due to the rampant and increasing unemployment in the globe today, more crimes are being committed not only by robbery and burglary but via spamming as well. Lots of people are being victimized of such felony. These poor people are already facing financial hurdles and yet, they still are the targets of criminals who squeeze the last ounce of money they have. They do this by calling them and promising to give them earning opportunities via telemarketing or online jobs and businesses. Since the victims just wanted to have something to earn from, they just accept the offers being made without even thinking if it is genuine or not.

The caller will ask for registration money or capital to start up an online business. The money, the caller will say is a requirement for the victim to start his online business or his job as a telemarketer. He will persuade the victim that the minimal amount paid is nothing compared to the profits and earning the victim will make in the business or job.

These calls are becoming so extensive and uncontrolled now a days. If you happen to get a call like this one, DO NOT BELIEVE. Do not just pay anything for any empty promises. Get the number of the caller to verify it and Guard yourself, your money, and your dignity. Report to the authorities and tell your friends. There is nothing better to do than make these incidents known to many people as possible to help them be informed and protected.

As much as you wish to earn a decent earning, it is still better to play it real safe. There is no such thing as easy money so be on your guard always.

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