Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Identity Theft By Threatening Phone Calls

When all has been said and done by these "expert telemarketers" who are really criminals, from offering the most huge sales and prizes to knocking at your charitable heart, one of the last tactic they do is to threaten people with many scary stories and accusations. They do this to steal the person's identity and make purchases and credits using that person's information and numbers. This has worked especially to those fearful people and those who do not ask for help because they already believe the threats given to them.

Some of the threats these telemarketers will tell you are:

1. You have to pay for unsettled debts with a certain company because if you wont, you will be penalized and that you will have to talk already to the company lawyers to settle your balances.

2. You are being called to a witness stand. If you do not want to be a witness, you have to give out some personal information to make your waived statements. If you don't, you will have to be a witness and undergo many stresses and have to leave for work because of threats and everything scary involved in the case.

3. You are being sued for a legal case and you have to give your personal information. If you don't give the details asked of you, you need to face many other procedures which can disturb your personal life and career.

Do not be threatened with these calls. Never give out any personal information to the caller no matter how hard he or she threatens you. Instead, verify the phone number that called you and get the details about the number. Promptly inform FTC and the police about the incident. Involve your family and trusted friends as well. Be strong and keep your self safe. Be sure to seek help from people and agencies during this time. Spread the word as well to inform other people about such crimes.


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