Saturday, February 4, 2012

Latest News About Telephone Scams

I have been a reading a lot of news lately about scams going around the globe today. It is not just telephone or internet scams. I am surprised and frustrated that there are scams happening in the world today even at close and personal encounters. Some are even what they call reverse scams. I read it happened in China when an old lady hurt herself while riding a bus and a good man helped her, took her to the hospital, and even gave her money. The old lady later claimed that the man was the one who caused her to fall while riding up the bus. Is it not frustrating that there are still people who cares for others yet they become victimized by those who never care at all?

So, scams, frauds, and spams are around for a long while now. Many people got themselves tricked into it and got their wallets burned and hurt their fingers. One thing that we can still do to help fight it is to continuously spreed the word about it. It does exist. It really victimized people. It really hurts identities and finances. It really hurts people's confidence in themselves because they got tricked and felt they were dumb and idiots. Spread the word. People should know. People should be warned. People should be updated and informed on what is happening and what they can do to prevent it.

For telephone scams, one site that can help to provide caller's identity is It can help you get the details about the caller and these details are the things you can use to report the call to the FTC and the police. From reporting, you can seek their help in pursuing the caller. They are guarding such criminals and they are giving every help they can give to support the victims fight the crimes.

It is not a helpless case, or even if it looks like, we can do something to fight it. Keep your guards up and keep yourself safe. Get informed and inform. There are agencies who can help you. Seek help and do not keep the incident to yourself. You are the victim here and not the criminal so there is nothing to be ashamed of. You have all the right to fight and get justice for what has happened to you. You did not like that to happen and no one would like that to happen to himself. The guilty ones are the criminals so they are the ones who are supposed to be ashamed of what they did. Get out there and stand for your right.

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