Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Talent Scouts

Are you one of those Hollywood wannabes? Who would not want to become popular in show business. That is why audition lines are so long. That is why many people join talent search and contests like American Idol and the like. That is why many people get too excited when meeting show business people particularly talent managers and talent scouts.

With regards to becoming "scouted" by a talent scout, whether you are a model, singer, or actor, be careful when dealing with talent scouts or talent managers especially if they just pop out of the blue. Not only do they approach you in person, worse, they are now also using telemarketers to steal identity and money from you. The telemarketer will call you and offer you talent management offers. They wont care if you are into entering show business because they will presume you are and offer you huge offers no one would dare to resist, they will say.

After asking for private numbers, you wont hear from them again. You are now in danger of getting loans and credits under your name. Be very careful. Better not entertain these kinds of calls. When you get one, verify the phone number of the caller via VerifyPhone.com and report promptly and immediately to the police and the FTC. Never forget to involve your family in situations like this.

If you want to really enter into show business, go to the right agencies and people. Research very well. And bear in mind that talent shows give clear instructions on how you can audition to their talent searches. Do not readily believe telemarketers calling you in behalf of these shows and television stations. Ask the caller questions and make sure you get correct and prompt answers ad never give out any information unless it is the office of the show itself. Keep your safety in mind.

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