Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Online Payment Agencies

Online payments are available in the net. Payment merchants that almost all of us are aware of. These payment merchants include PayPal, Moneybookers, etc. For those unsuspecting, there are criminals out there who will call them and tell them nuisance regarding these payment merchants.

Some of the schemes are as follows:
1. Identity theft. The telemarketer will ask for your private information such as card numbers to verify your account. Do not give it out. Remember that such payment merchants already have had your information when you registered with them and they usually send you a mail to verify your address with the verification code included in the mail which you yourself will enter into your account with when you log in to their website. Payment merchants will not call you to verify your phone.

2. Bogus processing fees. The telemarketer will ask you for minimal fee for processing of verification, new promotion, and other reasons which the telemarketer can convince you of to pay that minimal fee. Never give your credit card number and never pay anything via wire transfer. You won't be asked by the payment merchant to pay verification via your credit card or wire transfer.

When you receive calls like these, drop the call. If the caller catch you still in the line, have presence of mind and never give out any personal information to unknown caller. Take note of the number that called you and do a phone lookup reverse. Get all the information you need about the caller and report it to proper authorities.  Share the incident to your concerned circle as well.

Keep your guards up especially that many scammers are around. Be safe always.

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