Saturday, February 25, 2012

Verifying Phone Numbers of News Agencies

News are everyday part of any person's life. Everybody is affected by news happening around them in one way or another. Almost anyone wants to know what is going on, what's the latest happenings, and what's on at the other part of the world. We all want to know issues and news going around the planet, whether in politics, economy, business, sports, show business, and others.

Since we all want to know the news, being part of it or being a source of it can be something you can be proud of. In this instance, news agencies might call you for news which they claim concerns you. Do not get overwhelmed and lose your guard. Legal news agencies do not just call you up to ask you to be interviewed. If you receive such a call, never ever give out your personal numbers. Hang up or ask the caller for details about the news agency he represents, ask him lots and lots of questions. Ask him for legal company profile and data. Also important is you verify the number that called you. Keep these data because you will be needing it for future reporting of the incident.

Share your story to family and friends. Everyone should know the news that there are scams going around using the names of news agencies to steal your identity. Be careful and vigilant in fighting such crimes. No matter how convincing or threatening the caller sounds, be brave and courageous. These incidents should be reported promptly to the police and the FTC. Do your part to put an end in such cases.

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