Thursday, February 2, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Mobile Phone Sim Distributors

It is not enough to say that mobile phones has invaded the public for it has done more than that. I don't know any person who does not have a mobile phone. Everyone has one, it seems. And the use of it which has gone way in popularity has also made way to new scams and frauds around the internet and unsolicited calls. One vital tool to use a mobile phone is the sim card inserted to it. This sin card has been one famous vehicle to starting up a business. By reselling it and by loading its credits when it is a preload sim. This supposed to be clean business is now tainted by fraudulent scams.

The caller will call and offer a home-based business selling a one sim card loading station for all service providers. The catch is that it is like a MLM that when the person recruits another dealer, he ears commissions from that dealer and so on until he got more earnings than by just selling loads to the sim card. It sounds so promising financially that many has been victimized by it. What do you need to do when you receive this call? Do a phone number lookup and check out phone reviews.  Get all the details about the caller and report to FTC. Make sure that you do not register or pay for anything. Be aware of what the caller is offering you and ask for company details and otehr information about his company and the product he is offering. If he sounds hesitant, more so that you guard yourself. If he has a ready answer for everything, ask him to mail to you company registrations and other pertinent company permits that you need. Be vigilant and do not let your self get swayed by sweet talking.

Keep in mind that no matter how much you would start to have a home-based business, do not get easily tempted by offers made by unsolicited callers and unsolicited mails that just pops out into your inbox. Always be safe and update your self with happenings like this so that you will know what to do when you get into this situation. Always keep your guards up at all times and in all circumstances.

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