Thursday, October 27, 2011

Work from Home Scams

After the recession in the U.S.A., and at this point, the country is still in the process of rebuilding its economic stability, and the near recession in Europe and euro losing its value, many businessmen and workers are in a stage of confusion and doubts on what is to happen to the world’s economy. Will the value of money go down so low that even a million euro or franc won’t even buy bread? This happened long ago, when a worker got paid after half day of work with a sack of money, enough to buy lunch, and then to work again in the afternoon to earn another sack of money to buy dinner. And the cycle goes on. And the worker would not even know if a sack of money will have the same value the following day.

With this ongoing rate of economic crisis, many people are thinking if the same scenario will happen in the future. And world leaders and economists are doing their best to try to prevent this from happening. However, hope is still seen since many industries are still doing well despite the economic situation.

What is disturbing is that in spite of this, many criminals are still on the rise even using these economic downfalls to their advantage. One scheme they plot is the work from home scam. Since many have been laid off from their jobs, they call and offer work from home jobs to these people. A caller will propose a job, like marketing, selling products, writing from home, data entry, even becoming a telemarketer, and will promise a good salary.

Now, there are two ways how these criminals will get money from you. First, they will ask you to pay a training fee before you can get started to work. He will say that the money is a small amount compared to the money you will earn when you start working. But once you paid the training fee, you won’t get any training, the company will disappear and so is your money.

Secondly, they will really get you started working but won’t pay you for your efforts. One more dangerous thing is if you are hired as a telemarketer. You are asked to call people and sell products or services. You are in the risk of being the front liner and when things get complicated because the buyers won’t get the products or services they paid for, you might be the one to get complained of and pointed as the criminal. And this adds to the worse thing of not being paid.

In cases when you receive a call like this, before making decision about taking up the job, check the company's credentials & validate the job offer . If you had the chance to get the phone number of the caller, check if anybody has reported scam related reviews about this phone number.  With all these crimes going around, FTC and the police are aware of such incidents and they would be very willing to help you and support you. And make sure you do not give any personal numbers to the caller and do not give any money to them. Keep alert and be vigilant. Inform others as well of your experience. Making more people aware that these scams are happening can help in stopping this crime.

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