Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tips on Verifying Phone Numbers

With all the different ongoing frauds and scams happening today via the web and telephone, you can protect yourself from being victimized by these rampant crimes. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself when you receive SMS and phone calls that try to victimize you and get your hard-earned money.

1. Ignore the content of the SMS and get the number that texted you. Save the content, though, because you will need it as a proof. Investigate about the number by reporting to the telephone company. Report to authorities.
2. When you receive calls from telemarketers, hang up the phone at once. Or if you stayed longer on the phone, make sure that you get the number of the caller, via caller ID. And this is important, once the caller gives you a number to call, get it and verify at once.
3. is a trusted site where you can do a phone number lookup on suspicious calls and SMS. It can provide you with the information and details you need about the number including comments and experiences by others about the phone number. It is easy to use as well. Transactions you make are confidential, too, so you can protect yourself.
4. Do not give out your personal numbers like credit card numbers, SSSN, account numbers and others.
5. Confirm with the company that the caller is representing if there is really an ongoing promotion or contests. If there is, confirm about your alleged winning with the company itself.
6. Do not get over excited with any promotions offered to you. Always think that nothing comes for free. Do not believe any winnings that a SMS or a phone call claims you have won. Always use your common sense.
7. Keep yourself aware and informed of frauds and schemes and how to effectively deal with them. Inform your family and friends if you get SMS and phone calls that are suspicious. Do not deny or hide these incidents even though you feel you ought to be ashamed. First and foremost, think of yourself as the victim, therefore, you should not be ashamed. And if a family member got the SMS or call, be supportive to him or her and assure the person that you are there to understand and support him or her.
8. Always keep your guards up and be safe always.

When we are vigilant with these incidents, we can somehow equip ourselves against these criminals and be able to put an end to these rampant treacheries that has left many victims moneyless and emotionally victimized as well.

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