Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Telemarketing Scam

Not all telemarketers have something to do with the scams going around the internet and phone calls today. Some telemarketers are also victims themselves. They were promised to be given jobs as they were trained to become telemarketers. They are given simple tasks and easy to sell products so that even if they are not yet fully knowledgeable to really making sales, they can be able to sell cheap products. The criminals do not really care about the small amounts of products being sold. Reason? They get manpower for free and with the many telemarketers they were able to work, At least a few of them are able to sell and putting their sales together is still money in the criminals’ pocket.

In this situation, you can expect two types of calls. The first is you are being offered a telemarketing job which you can at home. You are required to sell products and you get commissions selling them. Be careful. You might not be selling anything at all to your family and friends, you get the blame and you won’t get any commissions at all. Do not accept this job even if they assure you of anything and try to show you how valid and legitimate their business is.

The other call would be you will be offered products to buy, at reasonable prices topped up with great freebies and raffles. The offers look so good. However, you might find that some telemarketers aren’t very proficient yet in selling. This is because these telemarketers are the ones who are in the “training” mode. They are actually being victimized themselves in this situation. Getting their phone numbers  may point to the criminals if these trainee telemarketers themselves were able to get hold, hopefully of the criminals’ own numbers, which may be made confidential by the masterminds.

However, getting hold of the caller’s phone number will help you get somewhere in the instance you file a report about the incident. From the phone number, get the pertinent details about the caller in confidence. Use these data in reporting to the police and the FTC. The agency can help you with the investigation and can be able to solve the crime appropriately. However, precautions and being safe matters most. So, be vigilant and keep your guards up.

Due to the ongoing world economic crisis, there are people out there who would not think of doing good things to help ease the problem. Rather, they would even use this unfortunate event to cheat innocent people and get money for themselves. They will use the weaknesses of these private citizens in this case for their advantage. Also spread the world by sharing your experience about the caller.

So, even if you are offered a job to become a telemarketer or offered products to buy, think many times before jumping into anything. At this age of scams and schemes, prevention should be your first defense.

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