Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scams in NGO and Semi-NGO Run Schools

In relation to NGO schemes, another modus operandi is getting donations from you for developing countries’ NGO-run schools. Here is what happens to your money:

1. The supposed “owner” of the school builds her mansions and villas.
2. The school lack facilities like library, play ground and play equipments, school clinic, drinking water facilities, clean comfort rooms, and other essential facilities to facilitate better learning.
3. The faculty earns meager salary and is not paid during holidays while students still pay the tuition fee for the whole month regardless of holidays.
4. The staffs are paid less. Reasons that the management gives for the too low salary is that when they pass financial reports to donors, they will be questioned why staff and faculty are paid high salaries. This is quite confusing as well since some big NGOs pay their personnel fat salaries (which is again questionable because the supposed beneficiaries do not get what is intended for them). So, is the management falsifying reports or what?
5. Students who are supposed to pay lower tuition fees if not totally pay anything at all pays as much as other private schools require. And this is supposed to be an NGO-run school?

This is usually what happens in some “NGOs”. Now, you receive a call and are sweet-talked to share to your less fortunate fellow human beings. Is it not easy to pity them and give what you can? Get the number of that caller, identify him, make necessary report of the incident to proper authorities and protect yourself. If we are to give to poor people, then, they should be the ones benefiting from our help and not those people who use their weaknesses and unfortunate situation to gain for themselves.

It is just proper to know where our donations go. Do not be easily swayed by pity and persuasions. It is our right to know whether our help really gets to the beneficiaries tables and houses and not just on fancy cars, high technology gadgets, parties and drinking of NGO people who might be confused on what roles they really need in the society. And especially, make sure your money goes to the right people and right organizations and not to those who just call and ask for donations and identify themselves as concerned citizens who wants to make a difference in the world when they all really care about is getting those money and donations into their own pockets.

Again, be safe and be vigilant in facing calls and scams like this. Get your better self into the situation, decide wisely, and act accordingly.

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