Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of Telemarketers

There are so many telemarketers calling every private person everyday. Each telemarketer has a different kind of reason of calling using ach and every different kinds of strategy that one can think of, and one cannot think of even. It seems that telemarketing has been a sure fire way of juicing money from innocent private persons. And everyday, these bogus telemarketers do get huge amounts of money from these victims.

These telemarketers are professional deceivers. They are capable of getting the victims are their hooks at a most unguarded time, which they can easily smell. And if that does sounds bad, it is. And beside being bad-sounding, it leaves the poor victims sucked not only of their money but dignity and self-respect as well. So many Americans and British people has been drowned into the holes of these telemarketers. What is worse, the victims do not tell others of their experiences due to the reason that they might be thought of as dumb. They will feel so humiliated. This will just, of course, add up to their agony even more.

Experts recommend, though, that these victims share their grief. This will help them go through the healing process better. This will also enable them to process their inner thoughts and feelings about the incident. Psychologically, victims of fraud are left with a scar of humiliation, agony, and deep anger, more to themselves than to their offenders.

Beside the psychological help that these victims need, there are also other support groups and government agencies that give their parts in helping them. FTC is one agency that helps in investigating these scams and do something to make the criminals pay for their crime. There are bloggers who write blogs to keep the public informed of what is going on and what they can do to prevent such crimes from happening to them. There are private companies that do their shares as well. Websites also offer help by providing phone reviews & verifying phone numbers of the telemarketers and gives you the important basic details you need about the number. These details are the things you need to report to the police and FTC. From there, they can help you investigate the phone number and its owner.

During these times of scams and frauds, it is a must that you always put your guards up. Prevention is always better than cure. Be vigilant and safe. If you have been victimized, after licking the wound, do not prolong the agony. Stand up and help by informing others. Your story might prevent another person from being victimized. Help others by sharing your story. It would be more hurting if others might get victimized as well because you kept silent.

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  1. that article is so true! victims often take it lightly and keep it to themselves that's why these scams continue to fool others. when you get calls like this, report the phone number to consumer complaint sites such as that should expose these crooks and warn others not to accept their calls.