Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Checking Suitors

That may sound nosy, but if you have a new suitor, who just called you up and suddenly was professing love to you, would you not be careful? Everything is valid when it comes to people. Criminals will do anything to milk money from their poor victims. They can make up reasons and weave schemes just to get victims on their hooks. Even the sacred name of love is being used to get money from unsuspecting, innocent and naive victims.

If you get phone calls like these and the caller cannot identify who of your friends gave your number to him, or even if he can. Guards up, please. Investigate first about the person's background. There is nothing humiliating in keeping safe. If the "prospect love"turns out good, then, great! If not, better be safe than sorry.

To get the details you need about this "lover boy, all you need is phone number and you can access basic information, phone reviews, and know about his background. And because it is confidential, your "suitor"won't know that you are starting to investigate on him. Which, not for any other reason, is just to safeguard yourself.

Your safety is a responsibility that you can do something about. Be safe for your safety's sake.

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